Monday, September 29, 2014

Just a few days ago ...

... I returned to Haiti from 3 weeks in New England. Time with my family, time with Chop Point kids and adults, time to pick berries, time to attend 2 weddings, and time to walk barefoot in that miraculous stuff called "grass".

When I got to Haiti, I stayed in Port-au-Prince for a few days to reconnect with a family that had adopted three children from HFC and NLL, where I lived and volunteered during my earliest months in Haiti, back in 2007. The family was visiting Haiti with all but one of their children and it was great to see how grown up the Haitians kids are - Bernadin, below eating a mango, is 22 now, and Lucy, in the purple chair, is 8 - and to meet their American siblings for the first time.

I also popped by Dorothy's and played with Lovena. She is in school and she is talking, jabbering in Creole, answering questions and parroting things that I say. She even knows how to say "Cheese" in English when asked to pose for a photo.