Wednesday, July 16, 2008


News from Haiti - the first real news that I have had in over a month:

There is a team from the States visiting the orphanage and they wanted to do painting jobs. But instead of painting the interior of our orphanage, they decided to go paint at another orphanage. Better yet, they decided to take some of our kids along for the work!

So this week, Stephanie Q, Argentine, Mathurin, Jeanine, Jefthe, Evens and Bernadin are leading the kids in painting the walls of another orphanage in the Port-au-Prince area. They also have the opportunity to play with the kids and help in their daily care. Stephanie told me about a 2 year old boy named Wilkens that she fell in love with and took care of yesterday. The kids get to sleep at Dr. Bernard's guest house in Thomasin with the team every night so they are thrilled. And I am thrilled that they are getting a chance to serve outside of their home.

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to hear they are able to serve outside the orphanage. FANTASTIC!!!