Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just having fun

Camp wasn't all weeping and deep discussions about the Bible. A lot of the time, it was just plain old fun!

SailingWacky Olympics

Soccer every morning - I actually scored 3 goals over the whole summer. The HFC boys were very proud when I told them.

Extreme dodgeball

Ultimate frisbee, dominated by my buddy, the Super Amazing Indestructible Mario.

Hours of lifeguarding and swimming

Western night

Fancy banquets and lobster dinners (I don't like lobster)

A 100 foot water slide


The greatest tennis match ever played

Neither my partner nor I had ever played before. It was epic.

Capture the Flag

Pizza parties

Car wash

The candy store and my hugely popular wheelchair

The camp director's adorable children

Wild costumes

Hilarious lip synch

Silly skits

A luau


Days at the beach

Discount shopping for our baby brothers

And lots and lots of music.
Good times, good times.

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