Thursday, September 25, 2008


I arrived at HFC while all the kids were in choir practice. It was their first choir session in several years and they honestly sounded pretty good. They were singing a worship song in two parts with the boys echoing the girls. Despite the fact that over half the boys were not singing (how many teenage boys do you know that want to be in choir?), the two parts were quite harmonious together.

We spent a quiet weekend together, playing lots of Uno, Skip-Bo, Casino, and rocks. There was no major drama, no one was giving me the cold shoulder (though Kattia was pretending to be upset because I’m not staying at HFC long term), and it was almost relaxing. Nounoun graced me with her sweet attitude for the first time in almost a year – we played with dolls together several times, making clothes and jewelry for them. Duck and I also had a very nice time, just talking and hanging out and occasionally chasing each other around the roof. When I can pull him away from the Playstation, he really is a character. Emmanuel seems to be doing great. He is drawing, reading his Bible and working on the purity study that 2 visitors presented to the boys in August, and was thrilled with the Jackie Chan movies that I brought for him.

Renick organized the younger boys into the cast for a movie about a boy who gets kidnapped by voodoo doctors and then saved by his best friends. They practiced all afternoon and then had me film the whole thing. As if that wasn’t enough, they also posed for promotional photos that will (theoretically) go on posters and in newspapers. At the girls’ house, NLL’s absence has allowed the girls to spread out into 3 additional bedrooms and to have a small room that serves as a walk-in “closet” for their clothes. The remaining baby rooms have been converted into classrooms for the upper grades. The girls miss the babies and it is very odd to walk upstairs without being attacked by 30 toddlers. We were planning on taking a bunch of girls out to Carrefour to visit NLL but Lamarre had to pick up the month’s meat supply so we couldn’t go.

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Janet said...


It is so good to read your entries again! Thanks for the gorgeous photo of Jefthe. I love every opportunity to see him.

We're praying for you and, forgive me, but I'm praying God sends you to Merger with Nikki!