Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy heartbreak

Today is a very happy and scary day for Job Adonis. He is flying to Spokane, Washington to start life with his new family, the Moores. It will be hard to leave behind Haiti, HFC, and everything he's ever known, but it will also be exciting to meet his new siblings and experience life in America.

Unfortunately, Job's departure will be extremely painful for Bernadin. They are both being adopted by the Moore family, but Bernadin's paperwork is not done. It could be months or even a year before he goes to his new home. Imagine the pain of watching your brother leave with your mother and having no idea how much longer you are going to have to wait to be reunited with them. My heart breaks for him and I hate the fact that I am not in Haiti to console him after they fly out today.


Janet said...

We're smiling ear to ear to see Job arrive because we know Jefthe won't be far behind. But,oh, Kez, we're heartbroken for Bernadin, too. It's going to be really hard when James is there in a few weeks and has to leave him behind, too. BUT, our God is the original miracle worker and we're praying for one for Bernadin!

The Haiti Lady said...

B is a strong young man...I pray that he knows his mom and dad love him and that they will be back and the situation is only temporary. It is so hard to visit your children and then leave them again, not knowing how much time will pass before you see them again, knowing it is so close if bureaucracy would just give way to sanity!
Love ya,