Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Chop Point fun

What do you do when the weather continues to be MISERABLE and you have 50+ teens who are too cold and too wet to go windsurfing and sailing and waterskiing?

You could try sending all the kids into the woods in 6 teams with just a rope, a knife and a hand saw. The result: 6 beautiful rafts with varying degrees of floatability.

You could also load all the campers into a bus and drive to the Kennebec Ice Arena for some skating. If you can't beat the weather, just embrace it!

All hope is not lost, however! The sun finally made a brief appearance during 4th of July weekend when I was on a 2 day sailing trip out of Rockland. We nearly shipwrecked on the first day during a powerful thunderstorm but after that, it was clear and beautiful. And cold. I wore more clothing than I have worn in the past 18 months.

After 4th of July weekend, the weather shifted in our favor. FINALLY. We were able to start playing outdoors more often and even attend fireworks in Bath.

One of my close friends among the counselors, Maggie, got engaged during community week so another counselor, Hannah, and I planned a little surprise party for her. No alcoholic beverages on camp property, but the sparkling cider was delicious!

Lip sync night, featuring my former camper Lyndsey as Avril Lavigne.

Most people celebrate Halloween in October, but here at Chop Point, we celebrate it in July. I have never gone through a haunted house before, but I allowed the kids to bully me into going through the one we'd created at the farmhouse up the road. I don't think I let go of Tom's hand the entire time!

And throughout it all, I stay very busy in the infirmary taking care of bumps and bruises, scrapes and splinters, heart breaks and homesickness. On an average evening, I have 5 or 6 kids in the infirmary and another 5 or 6 waiting on the stairs for me to be free. It's the official hot spot after evening activity especially for kids who have known me in past years and just want to talk. I occasionally have to physically remove kids at lights out.

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