Friday, June 11, 2010

The Oyis update

Oyis has been in the States for just over 2 weeks and is doing great. I have spoken to him a few times on the phone and although he misses Haiti, Dr Joey, me, and his older sister, he is enjoying his host family and all the amazing new experiences of America, such as cars, pools, flushing toilets, and ... laundry baskets.

Since Oyis was originally cared for by our team of 13 from Roanoke, Virginia, that is where we found a host family and doctor for him. He has been visited by many of the team members and although I'm not sure how well he remembers them, they certainly remember him. It's always wonderful to see how your patients have progressed, especially one with as dramatic a story as Oyis'.

The doctors have decided to wait on his eye surgery for a while, but his external fixator (that ugly metal brace that was sticking out of his right thigh) was surgically removed yesterday. We are all super happy for him!


Sondra said...

Let me tell you NO ONE is happier than he is! We was excited to wear pants...REAL pants! Even though he hadn't had anything to eat or drink for 20 hours, he was down right giddy when he got home! He has all but abandoned the wheelchair, and replaced with a walker. He is lightning fast in it and even shakes his butt while burning up the hallway! He is such a sassy thing! We are all doing a LOT of laughing!

Anonymous said...

Sondra, you must be his host. WONDERFUL. Thanks for helping this sweet kid out.