Monday, April 18, 2011

Pediatricians galore!

A team from Roanoke, Virginia spent last week running clinics with Angel Missions at my clinic at Delmas 24 and at a community center in Carrefour. Part of the team had been to Haiti last year during the immediate post-quake weeks and it was great to have them back! They truly impressed me with their ability to remember everyone's names, from my clinic staff to patients and families and even little kids in the neighborhood. I have a hard time remembering names and I can speak the language!

Two of the doctors are pediatricians, one is a family doctor, and the other is a retired ER doctor. The ER doctor, Dr Bob, from Missions of Love, worked with us the first three days only and after that, it was a combination of pediatricians and family practice docs each day. Everyone wanted to see children and no one really wanted to see adults! It's hard when you're used to treating childhood illnesses to suddenly be thrown an 80 year old woman with high blood pressure, edema, hemorrhoids, and no teeth! So they fought over the babies and were wonderfully good sports and treated all the little old ladies too.

I don't know why I ended up with zero photos of the nurses. They were there too though, each one working alongside a doctor to prep meds, give shots, hand out Tootsie rolls, do bandages, and tell jokes. I love working that way - each doctor having his or her own little station with meds and an assistant. It's time efficient, space efficient and patient efficient (that's a phrase I created to mean that it works best for the patient because the doctor who prescribed the med is also the one explaining to the patient how to take it instead of a pharmacist who may not know exactly why that med is being prescribed in a given situation).

They did a great job and were a pleasure to have around (best taptap karaoke I've ever heard!). See you guys next year!

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