Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, rain, go away!

Reminiscent of the freak storm that hit us in September last year, ripping down tents, trees and St Joseph's temporary tin fence, 2 weeks ago, we had another such storm whip through Port-au-Prince. This time, I had just gotten home, accompanied by one of the teenage boys from youth group who wanted to escort me and show me a shortcut through a ravine I didn't know. He left as the rain started and I quickly began putting my plants outside for their usual bath. But the wind was so strong that my plants blew over, so I brought them back in and stood in my covered porch to watch.

The rain blew sideways and the winds threatened to take down my neighbor's trees. And suddenly, with a great creaking and groaning, St Joseph's 12 foot high tin fence came crashing down, straight onto my house. First in the earthquake, then in a freak storm...I have got to convince my neighbors to stop dropping pieces of their house on mine!

The wind subsided after a few hours and the kids joined me on the sand pile for some rainy fun. I love when it rains here but sometimes I get tired of getting up at 6am the following morning to shovel away the pile of sand and mud that washes up in front of my door every time. I shouldn't complain; at least I don't have anyone's sewage draining towards my house like the people below me do!

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