Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gonaives' first stop light!

I know that might be hard to imagine, but we just got our first stop lights a few weeks ago in anticipation for President Martelly's visit on January 1st. People are fascinated by them. I mean, truly fascinated. There were crowds watching them being set into place and crowds watching them change color on the first few days. Everyone stops - cars, trucks, taptaps, motorcycles, bicycles, even some pedestrians - and they stop about 100 feet back from the red light, as if they're afraid it will smite them for getting too close.

The Jubilee teenagers were particularly funny: "Let me explain this to you, Keziah. When it's red, you have to stop. But when it turns green, you can go." I'm glad they enlightened me; now someone should enlighten them that you can only go when YOUR light becomes green. Even though the angle of the street lets you see when the opposing traffic has a green light, that doesn't mean that the light applies to you too!

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Mama Beth said...

And am I seeing a real PAVED road with NO