Friday, February 24, 2012

All grown up in Port-au-Prince

When I went to Port-au-Prince last weekend for youth group, my little buddy Frantz practically attacked me in his excitement to have me back in the neighborhood. When he'd calmed down and stopped telling me I'd abandonned him (oh, my aching heart!), he asked for a marker and paper. I watched as the boy who had needed a full year to learn how to count to 10 wrote my name, "Kez", without any instruction! The only other word I've ever seen him write without copying is his own name. I know I'm not his mother, but I sure felt like a proud mama right then!

And moments later, I had to laugh out loud when he told me what the sign was for: "It's for the kids, when they come looking for you. It needs to say, 'Kez is not here. Come back another time.'"

Frantz isn't the only one that has grown up in my absence. St. Joseph's has been nearly completed! It is a huge, colorful, creative building, with lots of light and space. Most importantly, it is the most structurally solid building I've ever seen in Haiti.

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