Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Community is...

Community is...

                Butting heads and shaking hands

                Sharing opinions and arguing opinions and adopting opinions
                Meeting for hours and joking more than you plan
                Throwing words and throwing rocks and throwing chocolate
Community is….
                Opening the fridge to find that your lunch has been eaten by someone else
                Digging in a mountain of laundry for your favorite shirt that’s been missing for a month.
  Telling the same piece of information 15 times to 15 people.
                Searching unsuccessfully for a place to have a private phone call.
Community is….
                Riding down the street yelling from bike to bike to moto
                Staring at happy chalkboard messages and wondering who wrote them for you
   Cooking dinner and letting someone else do the dishes
                Being so sick you want to sleep all day and so annoyed cuz everyone wants to check on you
Community is….
                Sharing laptops and sharing movies and sharing cell phones
                Having a friend always available for a walk or a ride
                Doing headcounts in the middle of the night to see if it’s OK to lock the gate
  Asking for help and getting it
Community is…
                Popping into the room to spend your 10 minute break with people who make you smile
                Riding out to hunt for your missing roommate
                Sacrificing sleep to sit up and talk with someone who needs to talk
                Recognizing your friend by the distinct sound of his flipflops on the concrete
Community is…
                Hurting someone’s feelings and hearing a million rumors before reconciliation happens
                Walking into a room and interrupting a serious conversation
                Forgetting to ask your roommate how her day was
                Letting your friend down and hoping that you will be forgiven
Community is…
                Rejoicing their successes as much as your own.
                Knowing and being known and seeking to know better
                Bearing one another’s burdens and crying one another’s tears
                Coming home

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