Monday, June 4, 2012

Lovena's ride

Little Lovena gained weight for 2 weeks after the ultimatum we gave her grandmother but then she started losing. When she came in weighing 0.2 kg less than she had at the beginning of May, I decided that we were done. I spoke to Dorothy and got her permission to move Lovena to the infant rescue in Port-au-Prince where she would receive consistent nutritional help until she is older and able to fend for herself a little bit. Grandma and grandpa agreed without any hesitation.

Our friends from Coreluv, Clay and JTP, gave us a ride to Port-au-Prince. My brave baby was a champ - no crying, no temper tantrums, no rowdiness in the front seat. She did poop and pee all over Clay, but he was so smitten by her cute-ness that he hardly minded.

When we arrived at Dorothy's, Lovena got checked in and joined the other babies in the upstairs room. She was so composed that the nannies were amazed. It is great to have a cooperative baby but in her case, it makes me me sad. Her calmness reminds me that she hasn't had a mother loving her and caring for her; it is that fear of separation and loss of affection that usually makes children fuss when they first come to Dorothy's.

I'm glad she's there because I know that she will get excellent care and lots of love. But I will miss her. See you soon, baby girl!

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Nicole said...

She's such a cutie. I'm glad she can get better care at the baby house. Hope she gains a little more weight. Keep doing great work out there, Kez.