Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cuteness incarnate

Do you remember Lovena, the precious little girl I helped rescue from the hospital and eventually sent to Dorothy's because of her malnutrition? This is how she looked when we brought her home from the hospital in March.

Take a look at her now! Beautiful, healthy Lovena! She's been at Dorothy's for about 4 months and she is doing great. I've never seen her laugh the way she did when I picked her up and kissed her chubby little is it that good nutrition affects so much more than simply physical health?

She is stable nutritionally and she can walk if you hold her fingers. In a month or two she will be walking alone and I will be able to bring her home to Jubilee. I showed her grandmother these photos today and she was beaming with pride as she ran to get the other women so they could see her "Little Mouse" too. Hopefully when the time comes for me to return Lovena, her grandmother will still be so enthusiastic. Unfortunately, most parents are rather hesitant to take a sickly child back, even when health has been restored.
Fingers crossed.

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Phil-Angela Moesker said...

She should be on the cover of Plumpy Nut