Friday, April 19, 2013

Please pray for Lovena

 Lovena has disappeared.
In case you've forgotten, Lovena was abandoned by her teenage mom, became badly malnourished, and spent 6 months at Dorothy's. Three days ago her birth mother "kidnapped" her from the feeding center in Jubilee where she was eating lunch with the older neighborhood children.

Her caretaker and grandmother, Paulette, came to me in tears. Rumor is that the mom has taken Lovena to Ouanamet, a city on the border of the Dominican Republic and that she is going to give Lovena away, to an orphanage or a child trafficking circle. There is no way to know. All I know is that this teenage mom had no reason to take Lovena unless there was financial profit involved and that is frightening.

I am sending Paulette, a neighbor, and Vanel, one of my students, to Ouanamet on Saturday to try to find and rescue Lovena. The chances of them succeeding are very slim.

Please pray for Lovena's safety and pray that she be returned to her family!


Cheryl Nelson said...

Keziah. This is heartbreaking. I will be praying and crying out to our God for her.

Trish said...

Kez, I pray Lovena will be safe until she can be found. She is a beautiful little girl and I can't imagine how heartbreaking this is for you and her grandmother.

Teresa said...

Still praying. Do you have any news? It just makes me shudder.

cyndi wilson said...

Praying For Lovena's Safety and return.

Michelle said...

Strength and success belong to God. I will continually be praying for Lovena and have asked my community in Missouri to do so as well. Please keep us updated.