Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tet bef

Earlier this summer 2 Jubilee School teachers tried to guilt-trip me into helping them with a project. I really love these guys but they were manipulative, though I'm sure they thought they were just being persuasive. After a week, I finally said "No".
But then things were awkward between us for weeks! Until we went to the countryside with Lala and I hid an old bull skull in their bed. They found it that night, when there was no electricity, and they both panicked. They thought a naughty orphan put it there, but I think they also were pretty scared that it was voodoo. When I confessed, the whole atmosphere changed and these two serious, professional fellows kept us in stitches for an hour as they re-enacted their terrified leaping around the room in an attempt to also get away from the thing.  

Our relationship is far from awkward now. Thanks to the "Tet Bef" (bull skull), we are all friends again.

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