Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small world

Last week, I left camp to go buy some meds in town. As I drove down the mostly deserted road into Bath, I saw a police car sticking out of a driveway up ahead. I instantly glanced at my spedometer: 45mph. Momentary panic. What is the speed limit on this particular section of road? I think it's 45 but what if it's that little funky spot where it drops to 35?

Woosh. I zipped past and held my breath for the next 2 minutes. Nothing. I relaxed and went back to enjoying my radio music and the wind in my hair. And then I heard a siren behind me. Uh oh. I pulled over, but instead of pulling behind me, the police car came alongside mine. The officer's head poked out the window. Brace yourself.

"You're Keziah, right?"

Wait. This is not what's supposed to happen. He's supposed to say, "Do you know how fast you were going, young lady?"

"I met you at the music festival at Chop Point, remember? You helped take care of me when I was sick."

Hmm, yes, he does look familiar. Very very vaguely familiar.

"Are you doing OK?" he asks kindly.

Does he know about the earthquake or is he just asking generally? Better give the generic "I'm OK, tired, but OK."

"Well, you have a great summer and I'll see you around."

Sure...What just happened??

Well, after I told everyone at camp about my morning experience, I was enlightened. The officer is named Jamie and he attends the little church in North Woolwich where many former Chop Point staffers have been following my blog posts and praying for me since the quake. I did indeed meet him and take care of him 2 years ago at the music festival at the end of the summer. But I'm still not sure how he so quickly realized that it was me cruising past in a little white car with a Kentucky license plate...


Anonymous said...

actually - it is a BIG world! but there are many crossroads in it!! I heard that someone recognized you in the back of the drug store in Bath this afternoon! (she was coming out the front door as I came by!!) a nwmc member who prays for you!! and God smiled ..... :-)

Mama Beth said...

Shades of Officer Verrier! You are a girl that policemen like -- maybe they recognize a fellow protector of the weak?

Sondra said...

I know it was probably a moment of panic for you, for that I'm sorry. I hope you are having a GREAT summer & doing lots of fun things. I hope you are taking out time for you & doing all of the things you need to rest & recover from the past months. Praying for you always
Your little Buddy say's: Hi Kez!