Thursday, December 9, 2010

The city just keeps burning

Things looked calm this morning, but by 11am, I could see smoke rising from tire fires in Petionville, about a mile away, and on Route de Freres, less than a quarter mile away. The booms of gas pellets being shot into crowds have been going off all day, sometimes sounding very close. If I close my eyes, I can convince myself that I am on board the Black Pearl and Captain Jack Sparrow is attacking some strange Disney characters with tentacles all over their faces. But when I open my eyes, it's just old Haiti, yet again victim of corruption and violence.

All is quiet in my neighborhood and on the little paths down to Marc's house in Delmas 83. He and I went out in the main road a bit this evening and the fires are still burning, though people are walking by and occasionally motorcycling around the barricades. Cars are being allowed through - I watched three Doctors Beyond Borders vehicles waved through without the slightest hesitation, but I also saw 2 unmarked trucks get swarmed by the thinning crowd of rioters before they eventually allowed them past. A Haitian police truck arrived after about 10 minutes and everyone backed away, probably fearing more tear gas or maybe worse. That's when Marc and I decided we'd been out long enough. I am now safe and sound in my Shoebox, which is, unfortunately, where I think I may have to stay for the next few days. Keep praying!


Lauren said...

i wish more than anything that i could be there with you... with constant hugs and english speaking girl talk. im glad you are safe, though. its a compliment to your little neighborhood as well, that they remain peaceful. <3

R Marshall said...

dear & special Keziah - you are being prayed for & we are confident of God's protection for you. He is The Ever-Living One , able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine. May God grant you the comfort of His divine peace ~ Ruth Marshall