Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video of the ravine

Check out one of the video clips that Robbie, my shadow/paparazzi/videographer/friend, has put together for Angel Missions! To watch this particular piece that shows my work in the ravine, click here.

Thanks Robbie!


Lauren said...

what an incredible video!!!!! thank you for sharing!! im posting it on facebook, love you, hope you dont mind! so many people that im close to know of you, but have never met you, so i want to share this with them :) can we make sure to go to the ravine in february? we didnt go when i was there. man i miss you, and i miss haiti! i love you, cant wait to see you!!!

Vanessa Freville said...

Fantastic video!! I am so honored to have met you and to have worked with you earlier this year. You are truely an Angel sent from Heaven.