Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My mother

My mother came to Haiti at the end of January and spent 5 days with me. We're horrible at remembering to take photos, so I have very few to show from her stay, but it was a good one. She got to come along to youth group, a work day on the church property, feeding program, medical visa appointments, lunch at Epi D'Or with Marc's kids (their first hamburger ever!), and a day of peace and quiet at Baptist Haiti Mission. It's was her second trip to Haiti but her first visit since the earthquake and her first time seeing the Shoebox and meeting most of the people who are my community. Coincidentally, my mom was there for the 26th anniversary of St. Joseph's and take part in the celebration and service with Bill, Walnes, Michael, the boys, and many guests. She got to see Bill drum and Patrick dance and taste a little of St Joe's hospitality.

(My mom and I are sitting together on the left in the below photo of the celebration at St Joe's)

One of the great things about my mom's visit was having her do some interior design touches to my Shoebox: reorganizing my shelves and my kitchen, a new bedside table, and a full length mirror so that I don't have to stand on a box anymore to see if my pants match my tops in the little mirror on my walk. Best of all, she was able to transform my exam table into a proper couch with cushions and everything. How pleasant it is to be able to sit somewhere other than my bed to read and relax!

Of course, the best part was just having her here. I love talking to my mother on the phone and during my visits to the US, but to have her in Haiti in person to meet the people from my stories and see the places where I've walked and worked...it was fantastic! Thanks for coming, Mom :)


Mama Beth said...

Thank YOU for having me, sweet Kez!

Polly said...

Aah this was sweet to read, Kez. When's Mom coming to visit her OTHER daughter in a tropical country??