Monday, August 8, 2011

Infirmary quotables

"Kez, your chapel talk made the most impact on me out of anything this summer...I also enjoyed gossiping with you."
- Tristan

"If only I could breathe through my nose, then I could chew with my mouth closed!"
- Unknown

In response to my command to vacate the infirmary so the kids who are actually sick could come in: "Yeah, but are they life-threatening?"
- Gabby G

"Kez, will you autograph my bandaid?"
- Hazel

On the last day of first session as we all sat in the lodge eating candy: "All our campers are gone. We have got to stop eating away our emotions!"
- Jill

"I want a good manly bandaid. Ooooh, you have Hello Kitty bandaids!"
- Most of the boys in camp

"Chop Point has been the most awful experience of my life. I mean, AWESOME! The most awesome experience of my life!"
- Baptiste (French camper)

"I used some Icy-Hot on my back yesterday. It felt like God was giving me a back massage."
- Sam

In response to my explanation of what neosporin is: "So you mean it's like over-the-counter white blood cells?!"
- Cullen

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