Sunday, September 11, 2011

Waterfalls beyond waterfalls

Last weekend I made the trek up the mountains to Furcy, a small village beyond Kenscoff. I thought I was going to help my Much Ministries friends plan hospital inservices, community health classes, and the medical aspects of a trade school in Gonaives. I did all of that, but the weekend was much more. There were over 25 of us including the Brooks family who run Much Ministries, Emory Wilson who has been the man on the ground in Gonaives for 3 years, Laura Lynn who oversees the school but is actually a nurse and kind of my soul mate, 2 horticulturalists, 3 medical people, a number of teachers, and 5 new interns. We spent 3 days getting to know one another and preparing for the year. My contribution will be minimal, mostly planning, resource support, and monthly visits as a guest speaker/translator, but I love being part of this family.

I'd been told that there was a beautiful waterfall near the lodge where we were staying, so I set out with 2 of the interns to find it. It'd been raining so the steep descent to the stream was treacherous and when we arrived, we found the water as reddish brown as the local clay. But we did not care. All we saw was waterfall. Not one, not two, or three, or even four. That first day, we discovered 5 gorgeous waterfalls. And the next day when we skipped dinner to go again, we found over a dozen. The photos cannot come close to doing justice to the sheer beauty of that place and to the wild joyous freedom of exploring a stream for hours with new friends.

When can I go back??

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rach said...

that was a family trip i burned to attend, it sounded amazing.