Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello again, Ravine!

My poor ravine in Delmas 31 always seems to be getting hit by some catastrophe or another! This month it was a rainstorm that washed away 3 homes at the beginning of my route. Tin and wooden houses, completely gone when the rain swept through the ravine. No one died, but it means another family that I care for has been displaced.

Otherwise, all is well in the ravine. Every week, I am amazed at how accepted I am and how well everyone knows me. No one calls me "Blan" anymore; it's always, "Miss Kez!" Parents are talkative and joke with me a lot; one even gave me fried chicken last week, just to be friendly.

My nurse Myrlande continues to work with me dutifully at clinic and in the ravine. She is becoming better and better at recognizing illnesses and how to treat them. Most days, I don't even need to tell her what med to write down in the notebook - she's already writing it when I turn to her. And when we get back to the school to prep the day's medications, she's often halfway done before I've finished saying all my hello's to the teachers and staff.

And the kids just keep growing! I always do a little double take when I see Samania, Patrick, Benley, Cendy and some of the other toddlers who I have known since birth. That they are alive and thriving is a never-ending source of joy to me.

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