Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sorry, Holland

I lived in Holland for a year when I was 12. My family loved Holland and one of our favorite things about it was the scrumptious peanut butter. In fact, 7 years later when we lived in Belgium for a year, we would drive regularly across the border to buy cases of Dutch peanut butter.

Haitian-made mamba is fantastic, but I've always rated it second to Dutch peanut butter. Until Wednesday.

My patients and the parents of children I sponsor in school frequently bring me food as "Thank You" gifts for my help. Generally it's avocados or mangoes or rice and beans but Kimberly's mama brought me her own hand-milled mamba on Wednesday. I stuck a fingertip in and licked a sample...heavenly choruses resound, trumpets blast, confetti falls all around!

Sorry, Holland. This mamba beats your very best!

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