Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pray for Kevs

Please join me in praying for Kervens. When I lived at Dorothy's in 2008-2009, Kevs was the oldest of her kids and he and I became quite close. We would organize silly games with the kids, play soccer in the rain, quote movie lines at each other, mop flood water after storms, do yardwork and other chores side by side, and each evening, when I tucked him in, we would exchange wild imagined stories about the Leprechaun King (Kevs) and the Scissortail Queen (me). Needless to say, he is special to me.

He's been living at an orphanage in Gonaives, spending weekends with the Brooks at Much Ministries. Last week, he got very sick with seizures, breathing difficulty, and a very stiff neck, symptoms which pointed to meningitis. My friends have been working tirelessly to treat him, but he has not gotten better. On Monday, they brought him to Bernard Mevs hospital in Port-au-Prince where an American neurologist saw him and ruled out meningitis, but found typhoid bacteria. So now he is being treated for typhoid and they are working to control the seizures. He is still in a very fragile state as he is treated and we work to get the seizures under control both for the immediate and long term.

Please pray with me!


Anonymous said...

Praying in Texas........

Karen in Texas

Anonymous said...

Father nothing is brought to our attention by accident. There is a young man, Kervens, in Haiti with a typhoid bacteria. This is a child from an orphanage. A child in an orphanage tells me his family cannot care for him.

As a result of a relationship with Jesus, and a desire to love others as themselves, many of Your servants serve the poor in Haiti. Kervens has a relationship with a missionary in Haiti, therefore the possibility of having a relationship with You: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Father, i, humbly ask You to heal his body.

May the doctor have the needed medication available.

May The Comforter be with him now.

May this be the beginning of a new life for Kervens and a ministry for him to share with others the great things You have done.

Anonymous said...

he's on the prayer line now..u too kez, love bern

Katrina said...

How is Kevrens doing this week?

We are praying in Boston, too.