Monday, November 28, 2011

Gonaives adobe house progresses

Ben, Josh, Isaac, Chris and their horde of loyal children and teens have kept working on the adobe house in Gonaives. There have been some setbacks, like the day when they arrived in the morning to find a handful of sacks slashed open, or the day several sacks were emptied of their dirt and stolen. A few weeks ago, their storage space in Jubilee was broken into and all their tools, barbed wire, and some sacks were stolen. But the work has continued with very encouraging results.

Over Thanksgiving week, the house reached my height. When I left to come back to Port-au-Prince, the guys were getting ready to install the front door and go even higher on the walls. Much of the work we do in Haiti has little visible results; with the adobe house, we can see every minute of labor and it is very satisfying.

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