Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little one

My friend Edjour and his wife Sofie had a baby boy!

I finally got to meet the little man this week. It's ridiculous how much he looks like his daddy! They still haven't named him, because Edjour insists on a name that starts with "E", like his, but there just aren't many boy names in Creole that begin with "E". It's OK - we already have a nickname for the baby.

My crazy landlady hates Edjour and has threatened to kill him on several occasions. The threats are funny for 2 reasons. First, she is an old woman who couldn't kill him in her wildest dreams, and secondly, she can never remember his name. So each time she rails on him, she makes up a name that sounds vaguely like Edjour. Our favorite is Pidjouk, pronounced Peed-CHOOOK. I've been joking with Edjour for months that if he doesn't choose a name for the baby, I will christen him Pidjouk. It appears that it may stick...

Welcome to the world, little Pidjouk!

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