Sunday, March 4, 2012

A better week

Nobody died last week.


Instead, it was a normal clinic week...although the word "normal" really can't describe anything I do in Haiti. This is what clinic looks like:

Half-naked children hanging out with us while we work.

A 9 year old burn victim named Sabrina who needs 4 people to hold her down while I scrape and clean her cheek. She screams in agony the entire time, yet somehow manages to forgive me.

Outfitting an elderly patient with glasses which led to outfitting my clinic staff with glasses. And it gave me 2 watermelons as a thank you gift from the grateful patient!

Patient charts, ID cards, official stamps, prescription pads, and a filing cabinet. We are super high tech!

Teaching our staff how to prepare and give shots.

And teaching them how to inject lidocaine for local anaesthesia … using my leg. Don’t worry – it wasn’t for nothing. I had a piece of wood stuck in my leg from a hiking accident and in a stroke of genius, we managed to teach my staff a valuable skill and fix my ankle, all in one fell swoop!

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Jim Schneid said...

I'm impressed with all that you are doing.
It is nice that you are helping people develop their skills.
Jim Schneid