Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camp camp-ness

There isn't a good word to describe everything we experience and become at camp. If you could combine crazy-amazing-strange-happy-ridiculous into one word, that would do it. Suggestions?

Surfboard races on Luau Night

Our bay on a peaceful morning

The Photo Thing activity with the boys' cabin of Pemaquid

A visit to the seaside village of Camden

Sailing in the Tern

The harbor seals that live across the bay

Our annual hike to Maiden Cliffs for a chapel talk

Making friends with the mannequins at LL Bean

Team Mario on Horse Races Night

 My favorite activity every summer: woodstacking with Team Sweat 'n' Splinters

Cooling off in the river, fully clothed

A minor fear of buoys and a loyal friend

Failing and falling at parachute games

Choreographed dancing on Lip Sync Night

Trying hard not to laugh in the game "Honey, will you give me a smile?"

Tied together by a camper, "so now we won't ever have to be apart"

Our version of a gang tattoo - purple big toes - much more easily removed

I think we need help. The camp crazy-amazing-strange-happy-ridiculous has gone too deep. We may never recover.

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Mama-Beth said...

It's the opposite of being homesick, thus "campsick" is what you & they are!!