Thursday, October 25, 2012

A poopy day...literally

Did I ever mention that I run clinic and teach classes in the public latrine?
I'm not joking. Since most houses in Jubilee don't have plumbing or even an outhouse, everyone comes down to the salt flats behind and beside our school to defecate. In the early morning, you can sit and watch a veritable stream of people walking out to "La Saline" to empty their bowels.
It really doesn't bother me. Sure, when I want to walk through the salt flats to get to the ocean, I'm pretty careful about where I step, but otherwise, I'm not fazed. On Monday though, someone had deposited a particularly smelly gift below my classroom window and the ocean breeze was sending its odor wafting through. For 2 hours I felt like I was teaching inside an unflushed toilet bowl.
I love Haiti.

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Mama-Beth said...

And you swim in the water there????