Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to have fun in Haiti

One of the FAQs I get from visitors to Haiti is, "What do you do to have fun here?"
The question puzzles me a bit. OK, we don't have movie theatres or malls or amusement parks or lots of restaurants, but my theory from childhood on has always been that you make your own fun. Fun is never dependent on outside factors; it depends entirely on your spirit and creativity.
For example, when you find out that your friends from Coreluv who work with the orphanage nearby are pregnant, you show up to the baby shower wearing diapers, sucking on a bottle and carrying a teddy bear and a blankie!

And that is how I have fun in Haiti :)


Dannae said...

or you dress up as the characters of HSM and act it out, or you frolic in the rain, or in a flooded basement, or you sing and dance on a bridge over a trashy ravine, or you make up songs about epi d'or... I, too, don't understand why people think its difficult

Anonymous said...

you look so cute!!