Saturday, February 9, 2013

A house for Rudenchly

We rented a little house for Rudenchly and his family in early January, but a few weeks later, we found out that they had been approved for one of the new homes that Much Ministries is building with a grant from Cross International.
The house, small but sturdy, went up in about a week and Rudenchly moved in with his mom, Leila, and her 2 other children, on Friday. They now live in what we call TiJubilee (Little Jubilee), a mini community beside our school.
It's great to have my little buddy nearby and to know that he is in a trustworthy structure that won't burn down on him again. And I'm sure Leila is thrilled to have her own home, legally and fully hers. I just hope she doesn't bring him to clinic to play with me every single day. I really shouldn't ignore everybody else for half an hour like I usually do whenever he comes in!

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