Friday, February 1, 2013

Tug discovers the joys of the Caribbean

Coconut - the newest addition to Tug's toy box. Makes for great chewing and hours of entertainment. Cheap and readily available. It would be perfect if only the coconut hairs didn't pop up all over the apartment.
If only Tug's mouth was big enough to hold the coconut without dropping it on the tile floor with a resounding bang...
If only he wasn't constantly trying to chase the coconut around the dining room like a mouse... 

If only coconut didn't make him sick to his stomach. The poor boy's been heaving and acting out of sorts for several days. It seems that we may have to switch to a new fruit, maybe mango. Won't that be a delight to clean off his face and every surface in the Safe House? 
Haiti - inspiring creativity and ingenuity in all aspects of life, including pet amusement!

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