Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lovena's home!!

I got the call on my way to clinic this morning: "Lovena's back!"

Her birthmom brought her home last night after 10pm. Grandma Paulette was too angry and relieved to ask any questions, so I don't know where Lovena was this whole time, but the whole neighborhood is rejoicing.

I am incredibly happy and incredibly grateful. Last night God and I argued about Lovena, about trying to trust Him despite everything. I wrote, "I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for this, but I could really use some tangible proof of Your love and goodness...very soon." I went to sleep and dreamt that Lovena was returned to me by my friend Lala. One hour later, I was walking to clinic when Lala called me with the good news. Perhaps you are skeptical about God, answered prayers, and dreams, but I cannot see this as anything but a very clear response from a very big God.

Lovena's home. God is good and God is loving. He would be good and loving even if she wasn't home, but I am deeply grateful that He gave me exactly what I asked for.

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Teresa said...

Hallelujah! SO glad for answered prayers! I will be rejoicing all day over this wonderful news!