Friday, October 11, 2013

When I have a cold...

...I wear a mask so that I don't infect Jess. Her white blood count is normal, so she isn't in risk of getting some horrific mega-cold, but she is having chronic back pain and you can imagine what a sneeze or a cough could do to her. So I sport this smashing blue mask whenever I'm with her and whenever I'm preparing food, drink or medication for her. I really don't mind it; it's the first time I've worn a mask and not wanted to pass out from the heat. Yay for the state of Maine!
What I particularly enjoy about the mask is that I lose it if I take it off and put it down somewhere. So instead of taking it off, I just shove my mask up onto my forehead when I want to eat or talk on the phone or be normal. Inevitably, I forget that it is there until I walk past a mirror. And then I laugh at myself. Does anyone else think I look like I'm doing a bad unicorn impression?

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