Saturday, March 15, 2014

A visit to Dorothy's

A few weekends ago, we took Lovena's family to see her at Dorothy's. Her grandma and grandpa, along with 4 of their children, Lovena's very young aunts and uncles, made the journey with us and spent a day playing with Lovena and getting to know the nannies. When it was time to leave, 4 year-old Yolande said she wanted to stay with Lovena!
Lovena has never been prone to displays of emotion. She clearly recognizes certain people, but doesn't laugh or smile or cry easily. I am so torn by her situation sometimes - half of me wishes that she could have never left Jubilee so that she would know the consistency of one home and one family, but the other half of me is glad that she has been safe and well-nourished at Dorothy's.

Of course, for me it was also a treat to get to see Johnny J, my little buddy who came to Dorothy's around the same time that I did, 6 years ago. (Click here to read about the day I first met Johnny). He was a sickly infant with HIV and I always feared that his chronic ear infections would impair his hearing and speech. I'm happy to announce that at age 7, Johnny speaks clearly and hears easily. And he's still young enough to think that a visit from Kez is a very special thing indeed.

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