Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple joys

When your stove stops working and after 2 weeks, a simple repair makes it work again, that is a simple joy.
When an electrician removes the flimsy little wires that gave your apartment power and replaces them with thick, safe wires that are completely enclosed in a breaker box, that is a simple joy.
When the newly strengthened electricity allows you get your pump primed and pumping so that you have running water for the first time in 3 months, that is a simple joy.
When all three of those things happen in the same day, that's a pretty hefty dose of simple joy! And when you get into bed that night and it's cold enough to sleep under your cozy comforter, it's almost too much simple joy to handle.


1 comment:

Nicole said...

Three cheers for running water! I just survived 3 days without these simple things... I can't imagine 3 weeks of it.