Monday, April 20, 2015

Where there is no internet

Dear everyone,

There's this great book we use in Haiti called "Where There Is No Doctor". It tells you how to care for most accidents and illnesses without the wondrous tools and supplies of the developed world.

I've decided to write a companion book titled "Where There Is No Internet". It will teach you how to survive in the 21st century without internet, ie how to essentially disappear from the outside world.

Our internet stopped working about 7 weeks ago. I can get online about once a week at a friends' house, where they have FiOS, so if you were worried that I had died or contracted some rare disease that renders me incapable of blogging, be reassured. I am in great health, but busy living a whole lot of life Off-line. Someday I will sit down and compose several scintillating posts that will summarize everything I've been doing in the last 2 months. In the meantime, Haiti is good, I am good, and life without internet really isn't bad. You should try it sometime.


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