Saturday, November 24, 2007

The future of HFC

Last night, I spoke with Daniel, a Haitian who is married to HFC board member Sharon, and who is considering returning to Haiti to work with our kids. He spent the month of October in Port-au-Prince, trying to learn as much as he could about life at HFC. As he puts it, he needs to know exactly what he's getting himself into before he commits to going. It was great to talk with him, to hear his observations, and to discuss plans for our kids as they become young adults. We talked primarily about creating a transitional house for the older teens so that they can live in an area that is safe enough for them to have some freedom. Overall, I really liked Daniel and I think that his presence at the orphanage would only mean good things for our kids, especially the oldest ones. So if you don't mind, please add Daniel to your prayer list!

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The Haiti Lady said...

I met Daniel on my first trip to HFC/NLL. He is a wonderful and kind man. He and Sharon are wonderful (as she was there visiting as well.) I hope that everything works out so they can go and spend time with the HFC kids who dearly need them.
LeAnne The Haiti Lady