Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pray for Kim

Kim was the intern at HFC for 3 months before I arrived and she is currently teaching at an international school in Port-au-Prince and visiting different orphanages in her free time. She has been a huge support to me and is one of the main reasons that I did not go crazy while I was living at HFC. And of course the kids adore her. This week she told me that a good friend, colleague, and roommate of hers died suddenly from a suspected aneurysm or pulmonary embolism at their apartment in Haiti. Please be praying for Kim and for her friend's family; they are obviously devastated by this unexpected tragedy.


ange said...

PRAYING FOR KIM!!!! and for her friends family.

Angela said...

That is so horribly sad. I'll pray for comfort for everyone who loves her.

Angela said...

Just checking in... Have you heard from Kim? How is she and the family doing? I'll continue to pray for them.

Much love,