Saturday, October 27, 2007

Communique x 2

I finally was able to get through to the kids on Thursday afternoon. I called the boys' coach, Manno Magloire, who conveniently happened to be at the orphanage when I called (he is always supposed to be there in the afternoon, but he is frequently late), and he let the boys talk to me on his phone. We lost service three times, which was very frustrating and kept our conversation short, but at least I know that everyone is OK. The kids finished their exams on Friday, both at Marion G. Austin school and at College Maranatha (the school Alex, Argentine, Kattia, Stephanie, and Evens Auguste attend). The older boys with whom I talked said that the exams were going fine so far. They will have their results by the end of next week. They also told me that they have been playing soccer at a new stadium, one that I do not know, and they promised to take me there when I come in December. I asked them to please yell to the girls and find out if their phone is indeed broken, but they said they couldn't because they were in a meeting with Daniel. The Daniel they were referring to is not the boy, but a Haitian man and close friend of Dr. Bernard's who I met in May. He is married to Sharon, a member of the HFC board, and is visiting the orphanage for a month. The boys said that he is very nice and they are really enjoying having him there.

The boys told me on Thursday that the internet was not working, but today, I received an email from Stephanie Quoichil. It was very brief, but proof that the girls are doing fine and that either the internet was functional all along or that Dr Bernard was able to get repairmen to the orphanage. A few other people also received emails today from the older girls. To those of you hoping to hear from a child, I apologize again for the limited amount of computer time that they are getting. I promise you that the children have not forgotten you and that they would be writing if they had the opportunity.

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