Monday, October 15, 2007

Confessions of an A+ student

I am good student. Honestly. I am a good student - I go to class, I study, I do my research, I score well on tests, I answer questions in class, and overall, I enjoy being a student. Until recently. In the last few weeks, I have been struck by a horrible disease known as senioritis. For those of you who have not heard of it, this condition tends to hit young people in their last year of high school or college; the symptoms include an inability to concentrate, frequent complaints of boredom, and inexplicable urges to burn stacks of flash cards. Some patients attempt to treat senioritis with high doses of chocolate and distraction therapies such as furniture rearranging, while others simply accept their fate with C's and long naps. The illness is incurable.

As an example, I mentioned in a recent post that I was studying for a midterm and a quiz. It was mid-afternoon the day before and I really did not feel adequately prepared despite several hours of review. I cracked. I just couldn't sit on that cold leather couch and read another page of the Tenets of Community Health Nursing. It felt like a rather severe senioritis flare, the kind that makes me clean the bathroom or refold my laundry just to avoid my notes. That was when my professor's pretty pink handouts caught my eye. I had been wanting to make a poster collage with some of the letters and pictures that the HFC kids had given me, but the only poster paper I had was an ugly brown. But now, I had the solution right in front of me! I grabbed my folder of artwork and the crazy glue. Within an hour, I had a new masterpiece to hang above my bed and make me think about how badly I want to be 8 hours south of here. Needless to say, my study session was permanently terminated.

Here is a photo of my poster thanks to Vulnerable Populations NURU600, featuring artwork byArgentine, Mikerlange, Jessica, Jeanine, Carmelle, Beana, Lovely, Kerline, Martine, Job, Camille, Richecarde, Renick, and Emmanuel :P.S. I got a 99 on that midterm.

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Angela said...

It's so good to see you are being constructive with your case of Senioritis. Some people might just give up, hopeless that there is nothing they can do..but not you, oh no...not you. Way to go on the 99!!! And the artwork is cool too (something to keep in mind in case the nursing thing does not work out).

Love you,
who wants to be 8 hours south of you with you.