Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love my dad!

My family of 6 has a family cell phone plan which I love because my parents pay for it. It's one of their ways of making sure that we have no excuse to not call them frequently. However, our plan does not include international calls, so the only time my parents and I talked on the phone during my time in Haiti was when I took a 3 day trip to Florida to cut my stay into two 90 day chunks, so I could legally be a tourist. And now that I am back in Boston, the only way I can call Haiti is by international calling card which costs an arm and a leg.

Well, my dad just emailed me to tell me that he has signed us up for a program that will allow cheap calls to foreign countries! For me, it's a two-fold blessing: I won't have to pay 30 dollars to talk to my kids anymore, and even more importantly, it's a sign that my parents are accepting the fact that Haiti is not just a passing fad for me. Having their support is monumental and if I hadn't been sitting in a university computer lab, I would have started crying when I received his message. I love my daddy!

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Angela said...


That really is wonderful news and while the gift to call the kids for less is fantastic I can imagine how much more the gift of support was to you.

Love you,
who is also a total Daddy's girl!