Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bumps and bruises - excerpts from my journal

"March 23, 2007 - Job showed up at my door today at 10am. He had gotten hit in the face while playing soccer. His lip and his tongue were cut open and he was bawling. After I shut the other kids out, I pressed gauze on the lip until it stopped bleeding and I hugged Job while he slowly stopped crying. He still looked really miserable, so I went for phase 2 of the treatment: Mac and Cheese. It was a miracle cure; the boy's spirits improved dramatically and I was able to send him back to class smiling."

"April 4, 2007 - Jessica appeared at 9:30pm when I was already in bed. She needed pain meds for her period cramps. I popped out the ibuprofen and gave her a glass of water to take it with. I have had a suspicion that the kids only ask me for pain meds because they are thirsty and they know I will give them water. In fact, it seems like Jessica is in here more frequently than once a month, asking for meds for her period. Maybe I should start recording it... So I asked her. 'No! It's just that the nannies don't give us anything for our period and you do.' Fair enough."

"May 7, 2007 - Richecarde hurt his foot playing soccer and he's been complaining about it for a few days. There is nothing visibly wrong with it, no swelling, redness, warmth or anything. He is walking fine and I've caught him running around too. I think he just wants an excuse to come to my room. So when he came today, I told him I'd give him some of my magic pain pills. I opened the gigantic bag of Jolly Ranchers and started pulling them out. 'OK, you take the blue one if it hurts a little bit, the green one if it hurts moderately, the purple one if it really hurts, and you take the red one if the pain is unbearable.' For a minute he just looks at me, then he gets this big smile on his face and runs back downstairs."

"May 10, 2007 - I held English class with just the older girls today. Stephanie told me she has found a little lump in her breast. It just appeared recently and she has a doctor's appointment next week so they can check it out. She was, of course, a little concerned, and asked me what I thought. I palpated it, found it tiny, in the proximal part of the breast and mobile - all good signs. I reassured her that the chances of it being malignant are pretty small, and that even if it is, the fact that she found it so quickly means that it will have had little time to spread. Then Kattia suggested that we pray for Stephanie's breasts, and for our own, for that matter. She instructed us to all place our hands on our own 'tetes' and ordered me to pray. I did, but it was really hard keeping a straight face."


The Haiti Lady said...

How did the exam come out? Everything ok for her tete? :-P
Love ya,
LeAnne The Haiti Lady

Keziah said...

Yeah, it was nothing.

Mandy said...

Oh Kez, that is SOOOOO funny. Thanks for sharing.