Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday, Edline!

One of the sweetest girls ever - I still can't believe that she is only 14! She could easily be 16 or 17 from the way she acts with me and with her siblings. Edline is one of the "keepers of the phone", so I get to talk with her nearly every time I call the girls and she is always so cheerful and polite. One of the greatest things about Edline is the way she cares for her friends. Myriam is one of her best friends, and when Myriam was ill and upset, Edline would be right beside her, helping to keep her calm and cheering her up. Every night, the girls would line up to kiss me good night. I created a one kiss only rule because otherwise, the ritual could last an hour. Sometimes, things got wild with girls fighting each other for a place in the kissing line, or grabbing me from behind. Edline, however, always waited very calmly till the others were done. Then she would take my hands and lead me to my room. She would open the door for me and then quietly accept her good night kiss. It was one of my favorite moments of each day.

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