Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The cutest derriere in Haiti

This is Fedlens.Fedlens is one of the cutest little guys in New Life Link.

And he has a HUGE belly.

On this particular day, Jessica was playing with him and pulled his pants up to cover his huge belly.
He didn't really like the new style, so he took charge.
He really took charge.
And was so pleased by all the laughter and cheers that he got from the 30 teenage girls that were watching, he decided to show off those little cheeks a bit more.
Such a precious memory of a precious boy and the cutest buttocks in Haiti.
Fedlens went home to France this fall to live with his lovely mother, Valerie. He was my baby, my tiBlan, the whole time that I stayed at the orphanage. We spent a lot of time together when the older kids were in school, looking out the window at people in the street, eating Rika cookies, drawing scribbly pictures, and playing catch with my volleyball. He was the only toddler who would come to my room of his own accord, even though he knew that the nannies didn't allow it. It didn't matter - he was such a little flirt that the girls were always bringing him upstairs and playing with him. They dressed him up in my sunglasses and bandana, they danced with him, and once, Merline Jean taught him to say "I love you" in English. But my favorite memory of Fedlens will always be the day of the derriere.


ange said...

I played pat a cake with the litttle bruit, he would play then run across the room to the cribs and run back and WHACK me in the head. I called him bruiser! He was a ham

Angela said...

He really is a little cutey full of so much life and energy! I bet you are really missing him!

Love and miss you,