Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bryn Boorman

We have a new intern at HFC. Her name is Bryn Boorman. She has committed to at least 6 months in Haiti, teaching, encouraging, and just loving our kids. I spoke with her this morning and things have been difficult thus far, but she is trusting God for whatever it takes to learn the language and get comfortable with the daily life at HFC. Please remember her in your prayers.

At this point, the internet is still not working, but once it is, Bryn will be facilitating email communication between us and the kids. She also will be updating her blog with stories and photos from the pension. You can check it out at


marie.delahaye said...

Merci à Bryn pour toutes ces photos et videos de la NLL.
Je me rends prochainement en juin à Haiti pour aller chercher ma fille à lza crèche, j'aimerai vous rencontrer!!!Je suis psychologue et psychanalyste et votre connaissance du terrain m'interesse car je souhaite monter quelques projets autour des enfants!
merci de me contacter sur mon adresse mail
a très bientot Marie

marie.delahaye said...

Coucou Bryn, je pars bienôt!!! I hope to see you during my travel.
thank you for your photographs ....
have a nice day