Monday, December 31, 2007

Friday, Dec. 21st

My team drove 3 hours back to the orphanage today. The girls were exhausted and one of them was throwing up, so they only stayed for 2 hours while the kids played basketball and soccer at the seminary. Then I sent them back to the guesthouse to rest and I stayed the night in Bolosse. Nikki and I took the boys to play soccer on the Maranatha field - for once, it was mainly the little boys that played (Stev, Camille, Job, Jude, Ernso, TiJude, James, Mikenlove) with Mathurin and a handful of older ones playing a little more gently than usual and cheering the little guys on. They all have cleats, but apparently not enough sox. Most of them were playing with only one sock, which was puzzling, since Nikki had given each boy a pair of white sox on Thursday. Maybe it's some kind of new Haitian fashion? In the evening, I spent time with the girls, doing devotions with them and then just talking. They asked me a million questions about forgiveness, and what would I do if someone didn't love me anymore, and what would I do if someone got mad at me, and what would I do if I did something that hurt someone else's feelings? I strongly suspect that it had to do with darling Jessica, who was still refusing to talk to me or let me anywhere near her. Oh, how I love teenage girl drama.

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