Sunday, December 2, 2007

The "Ti"s

I made lots of friends in the Fort Mercredi neighborhood because I spent every Saturday and Sunday playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer at the seminary. There is a handful of young men who spend all their free time at the seminary or in the street watching for us to go up to the seminary so they can come play with us. It was really thanks to them that I felt safe walking through the neighborhood by myself. Charlie, Enoch, Oudi, Samuel, Robert, Renault, Sony, Jean Robin, and my favorites, TiJude, TiKen, and TiBlan. This morning, the three "Ti"s called me to ask when I was coming and to ask for my help. They need funds so that they can go back to school in January. TiKen has already been kicked out of his school for not being able to pay and the others will not be able to continue unless the fees are paid. I mentioned their call to a family friend of ours who owns several pizza shops in the Boston area. He promptly walked into the back room and came back with a wad of bills, enough to cover the boys for the entire year and probably more. God is good!




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Angela said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! That is one of the most exciting and encouraging things I've heard in a long time! How exciting for them and how wonderful it is to watch as God uses you again and again to be such a great blessing in the lives of the people He loves in your adoptive country.

Love you lots,