Monday, December 17, 2007

More good news

Nikki arrived at the orphanage this afternoon and I spoke to her on the phone this evening. She said that the internet repairmen came to HFC this morning and took away the modem to repair it! Progress, finally!

Other good news: our missing suitcases have arrived in the PAP airport. The guesthouse manager has sent someone to pick them up, and then the director of the clinic will go pick them up from the guesthouse tomorrow. Or at least, that's how it should happen. Keep praying.

We had a great afternoon at the clinic, just being shown around by Lori, the American nurse. We also got to take a walk in Cazale, the town where the clinic is located, to see where the locals live and what life in the Haitian countryside is really like. It was amazing to be able to walk around in such obvious security, to see the people's homes up close, to play with random children among the banana trees, and to realize how incredibly respected the Americans are here for their dedication and their service to the town. My girls are having an amazing time and are not scared at all anymore. As I write, they are showering, playing with some kids that live at the clinic, and watching Monsters Inc. We have been given ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch, lasagna for dinner, and more cold water than we can drink. Luxury!

Tomorrow, we'll be seeing patients all day, but hopefully I'll have time to write before bed. If I can keep my eyes open...

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Angela said...

WHAT??? Nikki's there too?? Boy are all of us in the US missing out on one great party. ;) I can't wait to hear that the internet is back in working condition... 3 cheers for progress!

Sounds like you are all having a great time. What a blessing it will be for the kids to have you, Nikki, and Bryn all at the same very cool!!!

Please keep the posts coming!!!